Long ago I was supposed to go to a tour company at a travel company I was...

It was already quite a while ago .

It was already quite a while ago .... Honeymoon trip to Hokkaido on 5 nights and 6 days ... using rental cars! I ran the first day car to Tomamu, but ... well, if the road is wide or ・ the car is not running ・ ・ ・ When I drove for 45 hours and arrived at Tomamu ... just before arriving It stops at the signal. that? By the way, there is no memory that stopped by the signal today! I do not remember seeing a signal rather than! ・ ・ At that time, I noticed it again. It was the moment when I felt Hokkaido's size, nature, and a small population! On the next day I went to Akan Lake, touched on the culture of Ainu, went to Shiretoko ・ ・ It took us from Abashiri to Sounkyo Asahikawa Sapporo but the distance to run one day was amazing ・ But, That's why I had to run and I could not go to the next accommodation ... It was a terrible wild experience! On the way, I stopped the car on the road ... I installed the camera with the stand in the middle of the road ... I remember well taking pictures. When I went to Sounkyo ・ ・ ・ It was September, so I was putting a car cooler in the daytime but ... When it was time to arrive at Sounkyo Gorge ... I guess it was probably after 19 o'clock, Ice was stuck in the puddle! And when we look at the temperature in the hotel ... how much is only 7 degrees! I had my blanket prepared! I want to go again and again, it is a wonderful place to feel nature in my body!

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